The best overall results have been achieved with the SANLink2 from Promise. We can also recommend Sonnet devices based on Intel chipsets (please check before you buy) and Small Tree cards. You can also use any other cards not using an Aquantia chipset.

Apple Silicon M1

Please make sure the drivers for your 10GbE adapter are Apple Silicon ready. For example the
ATTO ThunderLink® NT 2102 is a device which can be used while the Sonnet and Promise drivers are not ready yet.

Not working cards

While in theory any 10GbE adapter with drivers for your macOS version should work, some of them are still not working as expected. Please be aware of the following known issues:

Aquantia based cards are not working correctly

  • Internal 10GbE interface of the iMac Pro, Mac Mini and Mac Pro.
  • Sonnet Solo 10G

Due to a bug in the driver those interfaces are still not working correctly. You might be able to download at slower speeds. The driver is loosing ethernet packets. We will need to wait for Apple to fix this.

SANLink3 T1

Driver loses ethernet packets. We are in contact with the chip manufacturer.

The product is end-of-life and is only supported up to macOS 10.11 by ATTO. Works very well on 10.11 though.