6.0 Data management and more
Integrate .cine files in your conventional data management workflow. You don’t have to swap software in order to copy .cine files from CineMags, just use the software you trust to do the job and provide secure data acquisition.

With o/PHANTOMFUSE you can even work directly from your CineMag or camera without the need of copying. Last but not least, a defect pixel correction is performed by o/PHANTOMFUSE. This allows you to use software, which does not repair defect pixels.

6.1. Performance
Maybe the most important benefit is the rapid transfer time, which can be achieved when using o/PHANTOMFUSE.

6.2. Direct Access to CineMag
Open .cine files directly from your CineMag, without downloading them. This allows you to apply LUTs. For testing the look, you could even render Proxies directly from your CineMag.

6.3. Custom Reel Number
With o/PHANTOMFUSE you can set custom reel numbers of currently mounted CineMags. In addition, an intelligent reel counter increments reel numbers of subsequent mounted CineMags automatically. It also generates clip numbers according to the scheme displayed below.

This allows you reel-numbering based on industry standards, to simplify data management in postproduction.

6.4. Checksum Verification
o/PHANTOMFUSE allows you to use data management software, which provides checksum verification. However o/PHANTOMFUSE does not generate checksums itself.

6.5. Defect Pixel Correction
Defect pixels are not repaired in the current Phantom cameras; it is a task, which usually should be done by the postproduction software. This is not always the case. Because of that, o/PHANTOMFUSE takes over the process and corrects defect pixels. This allows you to use a wider range of postproduction software to process .cine files.

6.6. Packed and Unpacked .cine files
The Phantom Flex4K camera captures its sensor data in 12bit. This data is effectively saved to the CineMag in a 10bit packed format, which provides smaller, more manageable files. Since unpacking these files does not improve quality (see Phantom Flex4K manual, page 35), o/PHANTOMFUSE processes .cine files in its packed format.